4 Reasons Your Online Course Will Fail

In this post I am going to talk about the 4 reasons your online course will fail. I am not creating this to discourage you from creating an online course.

I simply want to impart my experience of the possible pitfalls that you may encounter when you are creating an online course, so that you can be prepared and avoid them.

So, let’s dive in. 👇

Make Your Online Course A Priority

A lot of people don’t treat their online course like a serious project. They are treated more like a side hustle that they work on when they have time.

There’s a lot that goes into creating an online course. You are going to invest a lot of time when creating this online course. You want to be sure you are giving it the attention it deserves.

Take the time to plan it out in advance. Sit down and mind map it out and all the steps that you need to go through to reach the end. This includes recording videos, writing promotional posts, etc.

Create deadlines and set goals. This is the number one reason that people start creating a course and never finish. If you set goals and deadlines, you will start to prioritize getting these things done.

Before you know it, you have an online course you can be proud of completed.

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Plan Your Marketing In Advance

I found that most people don’t consider how they’re going to sell their online course. They get super excited about their idea, create it, and then just throw it out there.

The majority of those people don’t have an email list to sell to. Those that do, do not sit down and think up a marketing and sales strategy. This is something that should be done before you create your online course content.

You will want to start building that audience and getting feedback as you go along. This will help you make a better online course that fits your audience. This will also help you build that momentum and interest in your course.

You have seen this done in the movie industry all the time. Sometimes the buzz about a new movie will start a year before the movie comes out. This is a great way to get people excited enough to sign up to be notified when your online course goes on sale.

I am not saying you have to start marketing a year out, but a couple of weeks at minimum if you already have a somewhat engaged audience. A bit longer if you have little to no engaged audience.

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Keep It Simple For You And Your Students

Most people try to include everything they know about a topic in one online course. Don’t do this for your sake and the sake of your students.

First off, this is a lot of work for you. You will be completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of the project. Especially if this is your first online course.

Second off, your students will look at this massive course and wonder when they will have time to get through it. People are busy with short attention spans.

To keep from getting yourself into this mess, sit down and set very clear goals for your online course and students.

  • What is the one goal you want them to be able to achieve?
  • What is the minimum instruction you can give them to reach that goal?

Everything that does not fall into that slim area is bonus material, an upsell or a future online course. If you find yourself wanting to go down a rabbit hole that is not necessary to reach that goal, make a note of it and plan on doing something in the future with that information.

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Don’t Let The Tech Scare You Away

People let the tech get in the way. Technology you don’t understand can kill your motivation. There is a lot of different technology out there, and it is hard to know it all.

People who are not tech-savvy or have a strong desire to learn may be put off by this one. Do not let this one stop you.

One of my favorite sayings is, “All roads lead to Rome”. If you are struggling with the tech you choose to use, it may not be the right tech for you. There are a million ways to create and deliver an online course.

That is why I have a complete playlist of online course platforms.

It is not one size fits all in this area. There is something to fit every different type of online course and every skill level of online course creator.

If this is something that you are struggling with, feel free to reach out to me. I love helping people find the best online platform for them.

If you need a little more help with your online course, I have a membership community where I help people with their online course questions every day. We get into the tech, give feedback on sales pages, set weekly goals and have monthly challenges to help you build your skills.

If you have a question, you can ask it here in this supportive environment with other people that are going through the same struggles.

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