As an online course consultant, I get asked a lot of questions about online courses. I think you would expect that. There are many that I get asked again and again. In this post I am going to address that and answer 5 frequently asked questions that I get asked again and again about online courses. You can watch the video or scroll on past to read my answers in full.

Which online courses sell the most?

Now that’s kind of a hard question to answer. But at the same time, I can tell you which online courses are most in demand. In fact, I did a blog post about the most in-demand online courses a little while back.

That post also goes through the process of showing you how I find what online courses are currently in demand. It shows you exactly how I check several platforms to see what people are purchasing. It is a good idea to check those platforms frequently to see what is trending at the time. Buying trends in online courses are always changing.

What is an online course platform?

An online course platform, a learning management system or an LMS, are all the same thing. It is software that is designed specifically to sell, store and deliver online courses. It has a lot of the features that you’re going to need all in one place. This saves you the hassle of hunting around for all the different software you may need. This could be a payment processor, video storage, landing pages, and even a way to market to your students.

A lot of them have the same basic features, but some have different features at different price points. You need to look closely and think about what is important for your online course before choosing. What best fits your students? What kind of format will you be using? Are you selling only online courses, or will there also be coaching or digital goods? You need to take all of these things into consideration when you’re deciding on an online course platform. If you’re undecided on what online course platform would be best for you. I have a list of the ones that I recommend on my resources page.

Online Course Creation Q&A Answering Your Questions

Can you sell your course on multiple platforms?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can. But there are only certain instances in which you would wish to do this. For example, if you’re using an online course marketplace to sell your online course. If you’re using an online course marketplace, like Udemy, or Skillshare, you can put your online course on both of those platforms. That way you’re benefiting from the audience’s on both of them.

There are many other online course marketplaces to consider as well. I made a video a while back on online course marketplaces that has a list of several of them. Make sure before you put your online course on any marketplace that you read the terms of service. You want to make sure that you retain the rights to put it in other marketplaces. There are a couple out there that do not allow this.

Now, that’s if you’re selling a course on Udemy or Skillshare, but you want to sell a larger version of that same course for a higher price, that’s when you might want to use a learning management system. In that case, you would have a course on a marketplace and a course on a learning management system.

If you’re already paying for a learning management system, where you’re hosting your online courses, I really don’t see a reason to put it onto another platform. The only exception to this would be if it’s a free promo course, and you want to spread it around on some online course marketplaces just to get your name out there.

How can I sell online courses on my website?

Depending on the type of course you have, there are several great options out there. There are a couple of plugins that are super popular. One is called LearnDash. Another one is called MemberPress. Both of these are WordPress plugins that you can use on a WordPress website. Each of these has pros and cons to it. So you want to look through the website and make sure that the one that you pick is the right fit for you.

If you’re actually storing a video online course on another platform, and not putting it directly on your website, you could just use a checkout cart on your website that would redirect your students to where those videos are being stored. You can use something like WooCommerce or Stripe in this case.

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How can I market my online course for free?

There are a ton of ways to market your online course for free. You can market your course for free on social media. You can market it by being a guest on a podcast or a blog. You can market it by doing public speaking. There are a lot of different options to look into.

In fact, I have a video called, ‘5 free ways to market your online course’. I also have a complete playlist on YouTube that covers ways to market your online course. Most of the ways that are on that playlist are a free way to market your online course.

It all depends on who your audience is, and how you need to reach them. Once you figure out who you’re serving and where they are, you can sit down and come up with a great marketing strategy. Once you do that, you’ll see the best free options for you to reach the students that you want to reach.

Even More Online Course Questions

Back in November 2021, I picked 10 questions from the comments on my YouTube videos and answered them in this blog post. Those questions are a lot more specific and less frequently asked. If you are looking for more answers to online course questions, I would recommend checking that post first. If you still don’t find the answer to your question, feel free to reach out to me.

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