Beta Testers For Your Online Course

Why do you need beta testers for your online course? There are so many moving parts to an online course that things will get missed or go wrong. Having beta testers go through your online course will help you find these issues before your course goes live to the public.

How To Find Good Beta Testers

When you are looking for a beta tester for your online course, there are several factors to consider. You want people that will finish the entire course. It will not do you a lot of good if they only go a part of the way through it.

It is good to have several beta testers. I like the number three for this. Here is how I break them down.

  • Someone you trust that is an expert in your industry.
  • Someone that is your target market.
  • Someone that you trust with great grammar skills.

Let’s break those down a bit further on the ‘why’ for each.

Why You Need Beta Testers For Your Online Course

The Expert In Your Industry

This is someone that knows the topic you are teaching inside out. Someone that can give you feedback on the actual content you are creating. You do not have to take all of their feedback as gospel, but it is nice to see what another expert would put in there that you didn’t include.

Your Target Market Person

This is your ideal student, the very person you are making this course for. Their feedback will be invaluable to you. You may want to have a couple of these people go through your beta test phase. They may have different struggles and get different results.

It is a good idea to check in with these people regularly as they are going through the course, so you can adjust things along the way as they are learning. Ask them specific questions about how you can make things easier or better for them.

The Grammar Guru

I know this sounds like an odd choice, but hear me out. When you are caught up in content creation and getting all the tech set up, the last thing you are watching is your grammar. Yet, when people are taking your online course, that is the first thing they will notice if it is wrong. It makes you look very unprofessional.

Having someone with impeccable grammar and spelling skills going through your course will result in an email of all the errors you need to go back and fix. I know, I always have someone like that as a beta tester when I release something new.

People with perfect grammar skills also love showing them off. Just make sure it is someone that you have a good relationship with, otherwise you may get frustrated with all the corrections you are about to get.

Other Benefits Of Having Beta Testers

Besides the above-mentioned benefits of having beta testers go through your online course, there are a few others. Beta testers are going to let you know if there are any issues with the tech. As they are going through, if something isn’t working, they will let you know right away that they are having trouble.

Beta testers are a great way to get testimonials to put on your sales page before you launch your online course. This is one of the things I ask all my beta testers to do. A good beta tester will be more than happy to write you a great testimonial and maybe even do a video testimonial for you.

Beta testers can become referrals. If they love your online course, a beta tester that had a great experience will be excited to share their experience with others. If you plan on having affiliates help you sell your course, these people would be the first people you ask.

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Should You Charge Beta Testers?

This is a question I get often. Should I charge or not charge a beta tester for my course? The answer is, it depends.

If you are selling a high level course that costs a couple of thousand dollars with personal coaching calls, you might consider changing them. Probably not the full price though. I would say a discounted rate on this one.

For a standard online course where you do not have to do anything once the online course is built, I would say no. Remember, these people are taking time out of their busy lives and committing to going through your entire course. They are going through it in a timely manner and have probably agreed to give you a testimonial. They are essentially working for you with no pay.

Beta Test Your Online Course

Speaking of working for you, if you are having trouble finding a beta tester, you can always hire a virtual assistant to go through the course as well. You are not going to get the industry expert or ideal client feedback if you do this. But, it is a way to have someone check the spelling, grammar and technology for problems.

Beta testing all your systems is an important part of creating an online course that you really need to make time for. If you are looking for feedback on your online course, consider joining my online course creator community. It is a safe space to get feedback and ask questions as you create your online course.

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