Can I Post My Online Course On More Than One Platform?

Can I post my online course on more than one platform? This is a question I get often. The answer is, yes you can. In fact I recommend it in certain cases. In this post I will show you where and how you can do just that.

A lot of people are surprised when I recommend putting their online course on more than one platform. This is not something I advise for everyone, but this is a great suggestion for a certain type of online course creator. In particular, those using Online Course Marketplaces.

Can I Post My Online Course On More Than One Platform

What Is An Online Course Marketplace?

An online course marketplace is a platform where people can go and browse online courses from many different online course creators covering multiple topics. It is a storefront for online courses.

Some examples of online course marketplaces are Udemy, Skillshare and Skillwise. There are a tons more to add to that list. In fact I made a video about them that you can check out here.

Benefits Of An Online Course Marketplace

There are many benefits to using an online course marketplace to sell your online course. The company website has a ready made audience looking for online courses to take. This means you have to do a lot less marketing to get your online course found.

Most online course marketplaces are not exclusive. That means if you have a course and want to publish it to more than one of these platforms, you can. You just need to make sure it meets the criteria set forth by the platform you are publishing to. That brings us to the drawbacks.

Drawbacks Of An Online Course Marketplace

While an online course marketplace sounds like a dream, there are some drawbacks to using them. The biggest drawback is those are not your customers, they belong to the platform where they purchased your online course.

This means you cannot collect their email addresses and advertise your other business services and products to them. To find out exactly what you can do to get your former students to notice your new online course is limited depending on the platform.

Each platform also has a strict approval process. They only want the best on their online course marketplace. That is understandable, but you are giving up a lot of control. There is a lot more drawbacks to using an online course marketplace, but there are some ways you can use them to your benefit.

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Posting On More Than One Platform

As I mentioned above, online course marketplaces are not exclusive. You can take the same online course and post it to multiple marketplaces. This is a tactic to get your online course in front of more people to get more sales.

Another thing you can do is to host them on your own platform or learning management system. Now why would you do that? It is more costly to host them yourself, but you will be making more from each sale. This also gives you the opportunity to sell other things like eBooks, package deals, or even a monthly membership program.

If you are taking the time to market yourself well and have a few online courses built up, putting your online course on your own platform can be a lucrative venture. It will fall on you to market it well. The best course in the world will have no buyers if no one knows it exist.

Online Course Marketplace VS Learning Management System

This does not mean you have to take the online courses you have already on online course marketplaces down. Those are still building your name recognition. Think of them as a marketing piece.

If you are advertising your Udemy courses on your YouTube channel successfully, you can do the same with a self hosted course over on Podia. If you have built your reputation on LinkedIn, you can start sending your connections to your courses on Teachable instead of your courses Skillshare.

This video will show you the difference between a marketplace and learning management system.

There is a time and place for both of these types of platforms. If you are working full time and want to create an online course as a side hustle, I would recommend you getting started with online course marketplaces. If you already have brand reputation and marketing in place, go straight into the learning management systems.

Yes, you can post your online course on more than one platform and probably should if you are just starting out.

If you are trying to figure out where to start with your online course, join us at the Online Course Insider’s Community. I jump in there daily to help new course creators with their online course questions. We would love to have you in there with us.

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