Today, we’re going to talk about how to create an upsell for your online course. I will go through several types of upsells so that you can find the right type of upsell for your online course.

Why You Should Have An Upsell?

Now, why would you want to create an upsell for your online course? Easy, you want to give your students the opportunity to purchase additional material that may be valuable to them related to the topic you are teaching in your course. It can be valuable in making the course easier or more enjoyable.

Create An Upsell For Your Online Course

How Do You Create An Upsell?

How do you create an upsell? You create an upsell by creating an offer that is relevant to what your customer just purchased. It needs to be something that would enhance the experience with the purchase they just made, or complement your product in some way.

An upsell is an offer only available at the time of purchase.

In your online course, you should already have everything that your student needs to help them reach the goal of your online course. You may have even included some bonus materials in your course, but what about the people that need a little extra help to achieve the goal or are looking for something that would be applicable to the goal? This is where an upsell could be a necessity for your students.

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Maybe you’re teaching a course on marketing your business on Instagram. This is a great topic for a beginner. Instagram is a very visual platform, but your student may struggle with design. If this is the case, you could offer templates that could help them create those visuals with ease as an upsell.

Possibly you’re teaching a course on getting started with content marketing. Adding a digital downloadable content calendar is a nice bonus. But as an upsell, you could offer a physical planner to those students that are more tactile in nature. This would provide those students with the joy of getting something they could hold in their hands.

These are both examples of ways that you are enhancing the experience that your students are getting from your online course.

But what about something complimentary to your online course? When it comes to complementary you want to focus on the goal of the online course.

  • If the goal of your online course is to teach someone how to create a personal budget in Excel, a complimentary upsell might be a set of Excel templates, like a Vacation Planner Excel template, or even a video training on how to create a vacation planner in Excel.
  • If the goal of your course is to teach someone how to cook vegan meals for a family of four, a complimentary upsell might be a tutorial on how to find quality vegan meals while traveling. Even a list of great restaurants to find vegan meals for a family night out would be a great complementary upsell.

Both the vacation planner and the ‘vegan on the go’ tutorial could be a standalone product, but could be offered at a slight discount for anyone purchasing your online course at the time of purchase.

That is what an upsell is. It is a limited time offer that is only available at the time the student purchases your online course. If it is a discount on a standalone product or even a bundled offer of other products, you need to make sure the person knows the amount they will be saving by purchasing that item at the time of purchase.

What Constitutes An Upsell?

The upsell you add to your online course can take many forms. Digital Downloads are easy, and are usually a low cost upsell. Something physical, like a planner, is a higher ticket upsell. Other upsell options could be a membership community, a consultation, a discount on another item you sell. The sky is the limit when it comes to upsells.

How To Add An Upsell To Your Course

There are many ways to incorporate upsells in your sales funnel. Some people will offer a premium item right after the purchase at a lower priced item, if that one is refused. Others will start with the lower price and then move to the higher ticket item. It really depends on what sales guru you’re following.

Some will offer you a low ticket item in the cart, and then send an offer for a high ticket item and a follow-up email at a later time. It’s the same basic principle either way you do it. It is more value offered for a limited time.

Examples Of Upsells

Here are some great examples of upsells that you can add to your online course. Depending on the topic of your course, some of these may or may not work for you.

  • If you have an online course that teaches people how to invest in the stock market, you could offer an upsell of a regular newsletter with your analysis of the current market and give stock tips.
  • If you have an online course on learning to watercolor, you could create a box of your favorite supplies and send it to your students as an upsell. That would save them time and hunting down those items.
  • If you’re teaching people how to cook any type of specialty food, like breads or smoothies, a great upsell would be a recipe book, or even an exclusive email subscription with a recipe of the week.

Create Different Formats Of Your Online Course

You can also sell your course in different formats as an upsell. If your online course is a collection of videos they have to watch, an audio version might be a desirable upsell for people that want to learn on the go. Not all courses will be effective in different formats, but some are. Video, text and audio are the primary formats you will most likely use to create your online course. Consider if it could be just as powerful in another format.

Bonus Material Or Upsell?

Any training that you left out of the original course, so that your course was not bloated or overwhelming, could be an upsell. When you first came up with your online course idea, you probably had way more material than you ended up putting in your online course. You may have already created it or just have notes that you want to create it as a bonus. If you have a lot of bonus material, consider making it an upsell instead.

If your online course is video, you could just record the upsell video at the same time you’re recording your primary course content. This will save you time and the hassle of having to set up your studio again to record it.

As I said, the sky is the limit when it comes to upsells. You just need to think about what you could include to add value to your students experience.

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