In this post, I’m going to show you several ways that you can create worksheets for your online course. Worksheets are a great way to help your students stay engaged throughout your course. It can be something as simple as a checklist that they need to run through, all the way up to a full workbook of assignments. The more transformational your online course is, the more helpful the worksheets will be in helping your students achieve that transformation.

There are many ways to create worksheets for your online course, we’re going to start with something simple that everyone has access to, and move up to products for those of you that are in no way creative.

Create A Worksheet On Google Docs

The first one we’re going to start with is Google Docs. Not a lot of people think about making a worksheet with Google Docs. But it’s actually a perfect program for doing that. When you get into Google Docs, you can go to templates and hit the template gallery.

Create Worksheets For Your Online Course Fig 1

As you scroll down, you can see a lot of different style templates. Some with pictures, some with edging, and you’re going to be able to customize any of these in Google Docs.

One of the benefits of using Google Docs over using a lot of others, is you can easily make this worksheet fillable. In other words, if you have a question, and a section that they need to fill out, all you need to do is leave a blank spot there. They’ll be able to open it in Google Docs, and fill it out right then in their Google Drive.

In Google Docs, you’re going to have a lot of tools that you are used to using in other word editing software. If you go up in the top right corner, you can click on the share button, and create a link that you can share with your students. They can copy it directly from that link into their own Google Drive. If it is homework, they should be able to share it back with you when they finish. This is something that is not easily done in other worksheet creation programs.

Create Worksheets For Your Online Course

Create A Worksheet On Canva

For those of you looking to be a little more creative with your worksheets, Canva is a great way to make awesome worksheets. Now, I have done a full tutorial on making worksheets on Canva. So I’m just going to briefly pop into this, but you can check out a detailed video here.

To find the worksheets on Canva, you can just go into the search bar and type in ‘worksheets’. You can dig through the ones that they have listed to see if any of them will do. Or you can just create a blank worksheet to get started. Once you get into the blank worksheets, you’ll have templates in there that that you can look through.

What I found fascinating is if you actually type in ‘online course’ in the template search, there’s one right at the top that is for online courses.

Create Worksheets For Your Online Course Fig 2

When I click into that, I see that this is an ideal customer avatar worksheet. Now, this may not be what you’re teaching, but this could be a great template for a workbook. It has 17 different pages. It has a title page, an introduction page, and then it goes right into questions with answer boxes. This is where you can put in your own information about your own course. Put in your questions, and the box is already there for them to answer.

The next page is similar. It has question and answer boxes, and the next page has bigger question and answer boxes. The majority of the rest of this worksheet is built just the same. You can go in and pick which ones you want and which ones you don’t.

It also has a little instruction list down at the bottom with answers 1,2 and 3. It is kind of like a checklist without checkboxes.

Create Worksheets For Your Online Course Fig 3

You can easily put checkboxes in this by just going to the ‘elements’ tab in the left sidebar, and choosing the square. You will need to resize that down until it makes a nice checkbox next to the first line.

If you want to add more pages, you can just click Add Page or duplicate a page. You can change the colors and fonts to match your brand and delete any pages that you decide you don’t want. Everything is easy to customize to get the look you want.

Now once you’re finished making your PDF absolutely fantastic, click on download and then PDF print so that your students can print it out easily. You’ll be able to then take that PDF and upload it directly into your online course.

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Buy Worksheet Templates On Etsy

Now, if you’re not finding the templates that you’d like in Canva, they’re just not quite working out for you, but you do like working in Canva, I have another great suggestion for you.

A lot of people make premade templates for Canva over on Etsy. When you type in worksheet, you’ll come up with quite a few different bundles. A lot of them will have the Canva logo already on there to let you know that the worksheets are made for editing in Canva. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Create Worksheets For Your Online Course Fig 4

This is a Workbook Template. Instead of downloading, it’s going to do is give you a link where you can access this directly in Canva. It’s very inexpensive, and they’ve already made up a lot of nice pictures for you. This one specifically is a Challenge Workbook Template. It comes with 20 different pages, and it is already designed with great colors and fonts, that go together well.

So if you’re not finding what you want on Canva, you can jump over to Etsy, buy a package from there. And then you can use that template directly in Canva. Here’s another example of one made in Canva.

This is a Coaching Worksheet Canva Template Bundle. This one has 130 templates. In other words, there are 130 pages somebody’s made up here. You can of course, once you get them in there, change the colors if you don’t like them. But you won’t have to do as much work because there’s already so many made up for you. Because this has so many more pages already made up in advance, this one’s a little bit higher in price.

There are so many of them already made up over here on Etsy, that you can just pay the purchase price, and they’ll send you the template directly in Canva that you can copy it in Canva and then work on it from there.

Hire Someone To Create Worksheets For You

For those of you looking for something special and custom without having to put any work into it, you might consider hiring someone to create them for you. There are many creatives out there and even virtual assistants that have this talent. They can take all the information about your online course and create a beautiful set of worksheets or even a full workbook for you.

One of the best ways to do this is by referral. If you know somebody that’s had this done before, or you know somebody that works with a creative or virtual assistant, ask them for an introduction. There is always the option of going to Fiverr and getting somebody from there to create that for you.

Over on Fiverr if you type in worksheets, you’re going to come up with a wide selection of people that will be willing to create worksheets for you. There are a lot of people over on Fiverr that would be willing to do the work for you if you don’t already have somebody in mind.

So if you’re ready to increase the engagement and value of your online course, consider creating some worksheets or workbook for your online course students. If you are still struggling to get your online course done, I have a private online course community that might be just the thing to help you finish your course.

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