I get a lot of questions from course creators wanting to work with me. They want to know more about the types of services I offer. One of the ways that I help people is inside my group coaching community for online course creators. This is a place where I love to hang out and answer questions. But there’s a lot more to it than that. In this post, I want to go through whom the community is right for, and what you can expect if you become a member.

If you’re an online course creator, and you’re interested in joining my group coaching community, you can do that here.

So let’s get going. My primary reason for creating this group coaching community is for me to be able to jump in there and help several people at once. This is what I love most about group coaching services. One person asks a question, but everyone gets the answer. It is efficient for my members as well as myself.

Unlike the one-on-one consulting calls I also offer, it is not bound by time zones. That means as soon as I get on the computer in the morning, I will be answering the questions that came in overnight. This allows me to work with people all over the world.

Because this is a small community. That means I get time to really know my members and learn what they are working on. Not all online courses are the same. They have different styles, formats, and software. Each online course creator has different skills and limitations. Being able to dig in and personalize my answers for each student helps them in a way that they can’t get by following an online course on how to build an online course. I love finding creative solutions for each individual.

Everything You Need To Know About My Group Coaching Community For Online Course Creators

Who My Group Coaching Community Is Not For

Now, my group is not for slackers, or people that make excuses. I understand that things come up, and you may have to take a break, or even take an extended time off. But, if you’re not going to make creating your online course a priority in your life, and a priority on your schedule, you should not be in my group. I can’t help people that will not take action. It doesn’t matter if you only have a couple of hours a week, or you’re hammering out this thing in eight hours a day, you still need to be making some forward progress.

This group is also not for people who have no idea about the basics of running a business. I will cover a lot of things for the marketing and the selling of online courses. I will not be teaching you how to build a website, I will not be teaching you how to set up an LLC, or helping you set up the social media platforms that you want to use. I also do not give legal advice.

I can give you some basic information there and point you in the right direction. I have a large network of people that I can introduce you to that are experts in these areas. I can help you pick the right software for you. I can help you create a sales funnel. I can even give you tech support for some of the more common software that you will be using, if you’re struggling with that. If you’ve had a look around my YouTube channel, you already know that I’m kind of a tech geek in that way.

What Goes On In My Group Coaching Community

So let’s talk about some of the activities that go on inside the group coaching program. One of those activities is I create a monthly challenge each month to help online course creators build their skills. These are the skills that can help you create better online courses and everything that goes with them.

When I launched my group back in July 2021, the very first monthly challenge was to build a mini course. Since that time, we have been through the opt-in challenge, the email sequence challenge, the market your thing challenge, and many more. The nice thing about all the monthly challenges is they are still up and there for all members to access. That means that you can still get that training and do all those challenges, even if you were not a member at the time they were posted.

A couple of my personal favorite challenges were the raise your price challenge, and the creative promo video challenge. These are not skills you need to create your very first online course. But these will definitely help you level up your online course marketing.

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Are you ready to create your online course?

Take The 5-Day Mini Course Challenge.

I will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a mini course that you can use to…

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Are you ready?

Another activity in the community that I really love is the weekly show and tell. This gives members an opportunity to share their wins, share their goals, and ask for accountability. They can also jump in and talk about whatever they’re struggling with. It is a weekly check in just to see where you are at, and what I can do to help move you forward. Participation in both the monthly challenge and the weekly show and tell are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.

We do have our fair share of lurkers in the community, but I know that what is being posted is helpful to them as well. They make a point of telling me in private messages. That’s another thing, if you’re shy, you still have access to me by private message in the community. I do not have those locked down and encourage my members to message me at any time. I may not respond if I’m in bed asleep, that as soon as I start my workday, my members are my top priority.

Group Coaching Community For Online Course Creators

Additional Community Resources

We also have a great resource section in the community. If you have seen some of the downloadables that I have for sale, they are all available in there and free to grab at any point. They all come with the video training that goes with them. Plus, you have the ability to ask me questions about them in the community. That’s something you don’t have if you just buy it outright from me outside the community. I have also included some things that are not for sale, but are inside the resource section of my community. I will continue to add to that as time goes along.

My community is set up so that anyone can post. Members are free to add their own post, share what they have learned, and ask the community for help. If you’re looking for some feedback on your sales page, that is a great post to create in the community. If you’re struggling with your marketing, or even what software to use for a certain part of your project, there are many of us that can help you in there too.

I have learned so much from the community myself. Each course creator has different talents and experiences that they share with all of us. A rising tide really does lift all boats. That is what my group coaching community for online course creators is all about. It is a private community, where you can ask all the questions you want and get the support you need while you’re creating your online course. If you have more questions about my community, feel free to reach out to me.

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