How Do You Make Your Courses Engaging?

How do you make your courses engaging? By adding some extras beyond the training materials you have prepared for your online course. These can be educational, entertaining and even inspirational. These online course extras will keep your students better engaged in your online course.

When you’re building an online course you don’t want your students to be bored. You don’t want them to not finish the course. There are several things you can do to make your course more engaging. This will lead to happier students and more finished courses. More finished courses lead to future course sales and even referrals.

There are three different areas I’m going to be covering in this post. The first one is going to be educational, the second one entertaining, and the third one will be inspiring. Let’s start off with educational.

Educational Course Materials To Keep Students Engaged

Now, when you’re looking to make some online course extras that are educational, these are ones that are going to help your students learn the material better. One of the ways you can do this is to include quizzes. You don’t want to put a bunch of quizzes at the end of every lesson. Instead, put a quiz at the end of each module, maybe three questions, just to see if they got it.

This will not only break up the monotony, but it will also show you if your students actually understand what you’re teaching. You can also include suggesting, if they miss a lot of the questions, what parts they should go back over.

Online Course Extras

The second thing you can add to help educate your students better, is a checklist. If there are a lot of steps that your student has to go through, making an easy PDF checklist that they can print out could be very helpful. Say you’re teaching a course on how to put together a website, having a checklist of where to start, and each step can be a great refresher after the course is over.

The third way I’m going to mention in educational is to create workbooks. Not all of us learn the same, and some people learn better by sitting down and writing things out. Especially if your course is teaching more mindful and thoughtful things where they have to come up with ideas. Having a workbook that they can look at and work in as they’re going through your course can be very helpful and help with the engagement. Workbooks can also be made up as a PDF that they can either work on online or print out and actually hand write.

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Entertaining Course Materials To Keep Students Engaged

The second section I’m going to cover is entertaining. If your course isn’t entertaining, if it’s dry monotone, you’re more likely to have your students dropping off.

One of the things that you can do to make your course more entertaining is storytelling. Anytime that you’re talking about a specific topic, tell a little story to go with that. When you’re doing the storytelling, make sure that you’re trying to evoke an emotion. Or as you’re going through your course you could pick a theme and keep touching on that theme as you’re going along. You could create a character or avatar and have that character or avatar be the main focus when you’re giving examples throughout your course.

Another way to make your course more entertaining is to create a hashtag that your students can look for on social media. This is also a fun way to get them to meet other people who have taken your course. Create a specific hashtag for your course and at certain points during your course, have them post something using that hashtag. That will encourage your students to go look around on social media and see who else has done this before.

Make Your Courses Engaging

Another way to create interaction between your students would be to make a chat group. Now a chat group can be a lot of extra work, so you’re going to want to make time to be in that chat group or have a moderator who is in there encouraging the group to keep chatting. This is not only entertaining, but it fosters collaboration between your students.

Another way to make your course more entertaining is to gamify your course. As students go through your course, make it like a video game. As they reach certain levels, give rewards. Remember when you were in school? When you got an assignment done, your teacher would give you a gold star. Put that into your course. Give a gold star. Give a reward. If you’re giving little rewards and encouragement along the way, this can help to make your course more engaging.

Inspirational Course Materials To Keep Students Engaged

The last section I want to talk about in making your course more engaging is inspiring action. Inspiring action is where you get your students to stop doing the course, do something you asked them to do, and then come back.

One of the ways to do this is good old-fashioned homework. Give them a challenge. Give them something to do. If you’re teaching a course on photography, have them take a picture, put it up on social media and put a particular hashtag on it. If you’ve set up a group you can have them post that homework in there. Or you can have them email it directly to you. That way, you can interact and respond back to your students.

Another way to inspire action is to set up a challenge. As they’re going through the course, you have them take certain steps to reach their goal. Say your course is 10 steps to grow your social media account. At the end of each module or lesson, have them do something different that will help them grow their social media account. Then challenge them to share that back with you and/or the other students.

The last way to make your course more engaging and inspire action is to have accountability. Have regular calls, regular meetings or regular chats with them. You can either schedule one-on-one, you can schedule group chats, and you can even have workshops. All of these ideas are great ideas for making your course more engaging and more interesting. This helps you get those students over the finish line.

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