How To Create A Private Podcast Audio Course

Where can you create private podcast for an audio course?

There are many podcasting platforms that have this as an option.

I am going to run through some of the different platforms I found and show you the differences.

If you’re looking for a way to make your online course even more engaging, consider adding an audio component.

Podcasts are the perfect medium for delivering content and creating discussions with your students. They can help in teaching, as well as provide entertainment on the go.

You can make your entire online course audio, or just a part of it. You can also offer the audio version as an upsell to your main online course.

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Here are the different audio platforms I looked into when creating this video.


The first one I’m going to talk to you about is called StoryBoard. StoryBoard is audio for teams. It is specifically built to distribute private podcast. You can send audio, messages, etc,etc.

One of the nice things about StoryBoard is it does work on a phone. You’re going to find that that’s common with most podcasts apps. The reason that people are taking your audio course, is because they want to be able to get out from behind their computer and absorb the lesson on the go.

The pricing for StoryBoard starts at free. You can have up to 50 listeners on the free plan. You just whitelist your users by email. You revoke access with one click if you don’t want them in there anymore.

If you’re going to have more than 50 listeners, then you’re going to need to go up to the Pro Basic or the Pro SSO. Both these higher levels also have a bunch of additional features. To get the price on these, you’re actually going to have to request that information from them.

Libsyn Pro

The next one we’re going to talk about is Libsyn. Now I wouldn’t have put Libsyn in here, except for the fact that a lot of people who are making audio courses are doing so because they already have a successful podcast. If you have a successful podcast and you’re already using Libsyn, this may be a good choice for you.

There is a standard pricing and plans to use Libsyn, but none of them have the private on it. To create private audio, you have to go to Libsyn Pro. Libsyn Pro has a lot of different features, including the private podcasting and SSO support. The price on Libsyn Pro is not listed on the website. You have to reach out to Libsyn and see what that cost.


Another popular one is one called Transistor. If you create podcasts already, you probably heard of Transistor. If you go over to the pricing page, you’ll see that they have starter, professional, business.

Now this is for the regular podcast, but when you scroll down, you’ll notice it says number of private podcast. They don’t have any in the starter plan. You can have one in the professional plan, and you can have three different ones in the business plan. If you go back up, you’ll see the business plan is $99 a month and the professionals $49 a month.

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The next one I’m going to bring up here is Castos. Castos again is another podcasting platform and it has a lot of great features. When you click on to the pricing plan, it prices that amount by the year, but you can also click on the month and see how much it is by month.

All of the plans have private podcasting. The difference is the amount of people that you can have in the private podcast. So on the very basic plan you can have up to 100 private subscribers. In the next plan up you can have 250 and then the next plan after that 500. And if you need more, there’s a button on the pricing page to contact them.

So if you want to test it out for $19 a month, I think this one is a great option.


Another one that comes highly recommended is Spreaker. Spreaker again as a podcast creation app. If you go up to plans and pricing, you have the free which you can test it out and see how you like the software. But it’s only when you get up to the broadcaster level for $18 a month that you get the limited have access podcast.

Another one that I’ve heard about is does have a ‘try us free for 14 days’. So you can test out the software and see if you like it. I always recommend trying the free version first, just to see if you like working with the software.

Does it lend itself well to the way you’d like to work? Is it easy for you to understand? Do they have training to teach you how to use it? That’s something to consider when looking at any of these. has two different kinds of pricing. They have podcast hosting and podcast production. We want to look at podcast hosting. They have three plans to choose from. They have the starter for $29, the pro for$49, and the business for $99.

When you scroll down, you’ll notice the private podcast is only on the business plan. With that one you can have 100 subscribers.

One of the things I do like about is they also do transcription for you. There’s a lot of other features that are going to be integrated with the different software’s. This one has Google Analytics, and even custom domains. So make sure you’re looking at what features fit you.

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Another one that’s pretty popular and highly recommended is Podbean. Podbean is fairly well known podcast app. If you click on pricing, you’ll see they have several different levels. They have a basic, an unlimited, unlimited plus and a business.

The basic is free, so again, you can test that out. Some of the features that they have are a custom domain, you can map your own domain, multiple podcast channels, and of course private podcasts.

Private podcasting is only in the top tier plan. You’re not going to get the ability to do a private podcasting in the three lower tiers.

Avocado Audio

Now the next one I’m talking about here is one I found and I thought this one was quite interesting. It’s called Avocado Audio. This one’s not just a podcast creator, it’s a place to publish and sell audio products.

You create and upload your audio product, you can distribute it on iOS and Android, and then you get paid directly from them. In other words, they have the payment gateway set up. Because this is not a standard podcasts player, you’re not paying them to do this.

If you go up to the top, you can actually click on and see a catalog. This is a course catalog listed by category. So they have people up here who have made stuff on content marketing, copywriting, development. So this kind of reminds me of an online course marketplace, only with audio only.

Whatever audio you’re creating, you put it up here and then you put it for sale. Because of the fact that you can listen to it on your smartphone. This can be super handy for selling your online course if you want to go in an audio only direction.

If you’re considering creating a private podcast for an audio course, make sure you go through and look at the different software and see which one of them works for you.

Test out the free trials and make sure that you enjoy using it and find something that’s in your price point.

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