How To Get Student Feedback On Online Courses

Today, I’m going to be talking about how to get student feedback on online courses. Online courses are a great way to teach people. However, it’s hard to understand how your courses working without feedback from your students.

By asking questions of your online course participants, you can get constructive feedback on the design and the content to help better serve your students. Today, I’m going to share five tips for getting useful student feedback on your online courses.

When To Collect Student Feedback

When should you collect this information from your students? It’s a good idea to get feedback from your students at several points during your online course.

How To Get Student Feedback On Online Courses

There are things that will be helpful to know before, during and after your students take your online course.

  • Before the course, you want to find out what your students are hoping to learn when they take your online course.
  • During the course, you want to ask questions to make sure your students understand the material you’re teaching.
  • And after the course, you want to get feedback on the course overall, as well as if the student is able to reach the course goal.

Checking with your students in all three of these areas can help you create a better online course to how should you collect this information from your students.

How To Collect Student Feedback

Creating a Feedback Forum is an easy way to get feedback from your students. Most learning management systems have something already built in to quiz your students. This feature can be used for collecting feedback.

If that is not already built into your online course delivery method, you can use software like Google Forms, Typeform, or Jotform to collect the information from your students.

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When it comes to the survey after the course, this method might be preferred over the built-in quiz feature on most learning management systems. These are generally easy to use and offer a variety of ways that you can get feedback from your students.

You can mix it up with multiple choice ratings, and even fill in the blank questions. You can also have an open-ended feedback section that gives them a chance to ask you questions as well.

Ask The Right Questions

Make sure you are asking the right questions. You will want to ask different types of questions depending on where they are in the process. The questions you ask before students take the course will be much different from the ones you ask at the end of the course.

Be specific with your questions.

A good example of a question you would ask someone before they take the course is what they expect to learn in your course. If the answers are way off from what you are teaching, your marketing needs to be re-evaluated. You can also ask them about similar online courses they have taken before or how they feel your horse is going to help them.

During the course, you can ask questions about the lessons they are learning at the end of each module. Make sure that they are specific to the goal that the student is supposed to achieve in that section. Three questions is plenty for each module. You are just trying to get a feel for if they understand what you are trying to teach them in that module.

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Once they have reached the end of the course, you want to ask questions with the overall experience in mind.

  • Did they find the course helpful?
  • Did they achieve the goals they wanted to achieve?
  • Was there something that could have made it better?

A student satisfaction survey at the end will help you determine if any changes need to be made to your online course. Be sure to ask if they would recommend your course to a friend. And if they would be interested in taking another course taught by you.

Mention The Benefits Of Giving Feedback

Make it clear how students will benefit from providing feedback. People are more willing to participate in surveys and answer questions if they can be shown how it will benefit them.

Take the time to explain how the feedback will improve the online course overall for them and others. Remind them that you’re making the online course for them and that this feedback will be taken seriously. Their opinions do matter.

Provide Incentives For Feedback

Provide an incentive for students to complete the survey. Now, incentives are a little different from benefits. This is more of a reward. If it is a long survey before or after the course, you can offer incentives for giving feedback.

  • This can be a gamification feature like points earned.
  • This can be a direct shout out to all the students in your course.
  • It can even be a reward, like a discount on another course or product that you sell.

The gamification would work better before or during the online course to get feedback. I would save the reward like a discount on the next product for the end. That is also a great way to give a call to action on the next item they should purchase.

And here’s a little bonus tip for you.

In the final survey, you may want to ask the student if they would be willing to give you a testimonial for your online course. Testimonials are powerful when posted on a sales page. Getting a video testimonial is awesome, but a written one is good as well.

You want to get these from the students that have completed and gotten value from your online course. That is why you should hold that question back until the end.

Getting feedback for your online course is not hard when you have systems set up in advance that are easy for your students to access and do not take up a lot of their time.

If you need a little help with your online course, I have a community just for you. Click the button below to learn more.

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