How To Market Your Online Course

You may be wondering how to market your online course. In this post I am going to go over several great ideas for you.

If you are an online course creator, the path to success is often through marketing.

You need to have a plan for how you will get your information out there in order to build your audience and sell more products.

Define Your Audience

One of the first things you need to do is define WHO you are selling your course to. If you don’t know who you’re selling to, you will not be able to define the best way to promote your course.

Once you define who you are selling to, you need to find out where they are. Do you have a large email list with a great open rate? Do your ideal clients hang out on Facebook? Are they really into Pinterest? Do they watch a lot of YouTube? That would be me. You need to know where they are so that you can plan a marketing strategy that will reach them.

Now that you know who and where, you want to start your pre-launch strategy. This is going to be different depending on the who and where. But there are some common things that are universal.

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Share Your Idea

Share your idea with your audience. Doing this gives you an opportunity to not only build the buzz, it gives you a change to determine the interest level and even get feedback on what should be in your online course.

Ask your audience questions, share sneak peaks and snippets of what you are working on. This could be in multiple formats. You can share video clips, audio clips and even text snippets to get your audience interested in what you are creating.

Focus On Audience Building

Focus on audience building. More specifically, get those people showing interest in your email list. You can do this in a number of different ways.

Most people offer some sort of free but valuable information in exchange for an email. You do want to market to the email list you already have, but by creating a separate email funnel just for this course will help keep you from overwhelming the rest of your email list.

Email marketing is the best way to promote your online course. If you are marketing to a cooler email list that only hears from you once a month or less, you may need to start warming them up in advance or the launch email sequence.

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Pre-Sell Your Online Course

Once you have enough of an idea of what is going to be in your course, a basic outline, that is enough to write a sales page and pre-sale your course. This is another way to test the market.

If everyone on social media has been excited, but no one will put money down in a pre-sale offer, there is something wrong. You need to take a step back and ask those excited people why they are not purchasing.

DON’T Do This Publicly.

Reach out to them one on one and find out what their objections are. You can add those as frequently asked questions to your sales page and address those objections on social media to try to drive up conversions.

Once you have enough pre-sales to validate building out the course you can get to work. During this time you still want to be building buzz by sharing even more snippets and behind the scenes footage. Sharing like this is a great way to promote your online course.

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Plan Your Marking Strategy

When you are ready, it is time to do a beta test.

While you have a beta test group running through your course you can start planning your launch marketing strategy. This would be a great time to search for affiliates, influencers and plan your guest appearances. Make sure your content marketing is set up to lead into your launch. Fix and adjust any changes that need to be made as they are reported to you by the beta test group.

As the beta group starts to complete the course, make sure to have an easy way to get testimonials from them. If you can get a video testimonial, they are as good as gold. You can put these on your sales page, in your emails and on social media to let everyone know how great your online course is.

If you find that you still need a little guidance as you build your online course, join my online course creator community. It is a private community where I help online course creators launch their online courses.

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