In this post, I’m going to show you how to promote your online course as a guest. Being a guest is a great way to get in front of other people’s audiences. This can help you expand your reach and make more sales. You can be a guest on a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, and many other platforms.

When you are guests on someone else’s platform, you are going to be sharing your knowledge with their audience. This is helpful for both you and the platform that you’re a guest on. This will also help you build authority.

Usually at the end of your guest blog post or podcast session, you’ll be allowed to offer a free lead magnet to that audience. This will help you build your email list of potential students to buy your online course. Let me show you a great way to find these platforms where you can become a guest.

Find A Blog To Promote Your Online Course

Now, if you’re looking for a platform where you can guest blog, or write for a magazine, or even write for a news article, all you need to do is type into Google your target market, put in a bracket, write for us, and then close bracket.

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Now let’s say that you are into writing about marketing. Go ahead and take ‘Target Market’ out of there, and we’ll put in ‘Marketing’. Hit enter and right away, it will come up with several places that you can write for.

The ‘Write For Us’ in brackets in the search bar is looking for those words on the page of a website. And since you’re writing about marketing, you’re looking for a website that specializes in marketing.

You can click on and read through several of them and see what qualifications you need to meet. Make sure you read these carefully because some of them will want a certain size blog posts. They may want 1500 words, they may want 3000 words, you just need to see.

Most of them will make a point of listing what topics they cover, they will give you more details on their publishing schedule, and guest post guidelines. So make sure you’re looking through all of it to see what the qualifications are.

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One of the things that you can do is set up an Excel sheet to keep a record of these. Make sure and save the URL, save the email address, and any qualifications that may be important to sending your blog post over to that site.

So to show you this isn’t a fluke, we’re going to try another topic. There are a lot of mommy blogs out there. And if you write about motherhood or babies, you can put that in. ‘Mother [write for us]’

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When I put this in search I got Mommy News Daily, Mother’s Day Magazine, and several more. So, if you have an online course, talking about motherhood, you could easily set up a lead magnet, and submit a bunch of guest posts to these different mommy blogs that will lead back to your lead magnet. Then you have an audience of potential students ready to read your emails and potentially buy your online course.

There are also blog articles that will give you lists of websites and blogs that accept guest posts and contributions. This one by Solvid is amazing. He writes an entire article on guest blog posting. If you scroll down to the bottom, he starts listing several websites in many categories and businesses. He ranks them from easy to extreme as far as how hard it is to get published on them. He also has links to each of the different ones. I have to give him kudos for such a great list and how much work it took him to create that list.

If you have a particular website that you love to read, and you know that your target market reads it, go ahead and go on the website and see if they accept guest writers. And if it doesn’t say then go ahead and reach out to the marketing person and just email them. You never know what could happen.

Find A Podcast To Promote Your Online Course

Now let’s talk about podcast. It’s going to be similar to the Google search you did before. You’re going to put in target market, which is whatever target market is that you are trying to reach. Then in brackets put, ‘be a guest’.

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So let’s go with marketing again. The first one that came up in my search is Digital Marketing Victories. If you click through, it takes you to their website and directly to the ‘Be A Guest’ page. You can go through and read what they expect from their guest, and read how to apply to be a guest on their podcast.

A lot of podcasts will have a form you can fill out directly on their website. They will also want you to have a pitch on what you want to talk about if you are a guest on the podcast. Podcasts will usually let you promote a ‘Gift’ for their audience at the end of the podcast. That is when you plug your lead magnet. So, this is another great way to get your name out there.

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You’ll also run across some blog posts that give you some tips on how to get yourself accepted as a podcast guest. If this is your first time ever pitching yourself to a podcast, it might be a good idea to read through some of these. They will have some great ideas and tips so that you are more likely to be accepted.

There are some podcasts that will not let you apply to be a guest yourself. But they will ask you if you know somebody that would be a great guest for the podcast instead.

One thing about being a guest on a podcast or even on a blog is you want to go and listen to the podcast. First, make sure that what you want to talk about fits into the podcast. Read everything they ask you to read and listen to everything they ask you to listen to. Podcasts do get hit up by a lot of people who are not qualified to be on the show. You will be doing yourself a great service and for them as well.

Find An Event To Promote Your Online Course

The last one I’m going to talk about here are speaking gigs. And I’m not talking only about in person events. I’m talking about virtual summits as well. There are a lot of virtual summits, where you can be a guest. You can give a talk on a virtual summit without having to travel to the summit. It is up to you on if you would rather go to a summit that you can attend in person, or you can go to the virtual ones if you don’t want to travel.

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So again, we’re going to put in our target market and I went ahead and put in 2022. I put in 2022 because it is early in 2022 when I am writing this, and I know that there will be some listed for this year. Even if they are full, and you can’t get in to speak that year, you may be able to get in for the next year. Most summits are going to happen annually.

When I put in ‘Target Market’ summit 2022 and replaced ‘Target Market’ with ‘Marketing’, I got a lot of websites with long lists of all the marketing summits going on this year. Marketing is a busy space to be searching and will always come up with a lot of results. If you are not coming up with great results in your search, try widening your net a bit. Use a broader term or a related industry to find an event that would be a good fit for you.

Promoting your online courses as a guest is a great way to keep sending a steady stream of traffic to your online courses even after you launch them. If you’ve been struggling to try to sell your online course, go ahead and try this method. If you are looking for a little extra help, consider joining my private membership group for online course creators.

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