In today’s post, we’re going to talk about how to sell an online course to a group of people. This can be selling your course to a business for them to train their employees. This could be a non-profit for them to train volunteers. It could even be to a particular group that wants to learn as a community. There are many situations in which you may want to sell your online course in bulk.

The Benefits Of Selling To Businesses

Why would you want to sell to corporate clients instead of selling to the public? Because corporate clients are not as price sensitive. Employee education is something they usually budget for and expect to spend money on. They buy multiple seats per course so that more than one of their employees can go through the same training. Depending on the type of training and the size of the company, they may want a lot of their employees to take your course.

Corporate clients pay up front. When it comes to selling your online course to a business, the preferred payment method is by invoice. Once you have agreed on the number of students and a price, you simply invoice the company. Once they pay the invoice, you can send over the codes needed to access the online course. This helps them when it comes to their bookkeeping as well. A single invoice will go right into their expense reports and keep things tidy.

How To Sell Your Online Course To A Group

What are the most popular training courses?

Businesses will buy anything that can improve the productivity and skills of their employees. This could be skills like sales, marketing, or productivity. This could be training on a particular software or system for getting things done. This could even be leadership training, public speaking, or networking. If your online course can improve the employees of a company, this is an option you should consider.

That being said, I wrote a blog post about the most in-demand online courses and how to find them. You can check that out to get a better idea if your online course fits in one of these categories.

How To Deliver Your Online Course

How are you going to deliver your course to a group of people? The mechanics of delivering your online course are important as well as what you are selling and to whom. If you’re making an online course or traditional way, using a learning management system, each person usually pays as they sign up. In this case, the organization is going to be paying for all the people that are going to be using the course.

So, how do you get around this? One way you can get around this is by using coupon codes. Instead of selling your online course through your learning management system, you use an invoice as mentioned above. Once they pay the invoice, you set up a coupon code just for them. You put a limit on how many people can use that coupon code depending on how many seats the company purchased from you.

How To Sell Corporate Training

You will need to make up a new coupon code for every purchase. To keep things simple, you could use the invoice number. If they ever lose the coupon code, you would only need to refer back to the invoice. This would also decrease the risk of you giving out duplicate codes. Once you set up that coupon code, make sure it’s set to free, and send it to the company that bought it from you.

Once the coupon code has been presented to the company, they will be responsible for handing it out to their employees. Each employee that gets a coupon code will need to sign up for your course like any normal purchase. They enter the code to avoid being charged. If a company needs more seats, they can buy another set from you.

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B2B Online Course Example

An example of a B2B online course would be if you were selling an online course about how to get started on LinkedIn. A company that wants their employees to be active on LinkedIn for marketing purposes would find a course like this very valuable. They may even become a returning customer as the hire in more people.

You could sell training like this as a 5 pack, a 10 pack, a 20 pack, or any size package that you want. Once they have used up those seats, the coupon code is no longer any good. If they want to buy more from you, then they would need to get a new package with a new coupon code.

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