How To Start Teaching Online Courses

Want to learn how to start teaching online courses?

Creating an online course for the first time can be overwhelming.

You have no idea where to start.

You may even have a course idea and already started recording videos for your online course.

There are a few things you need to consider before going any further.

Market Research

You want to find people that have the problem that you solve.

Find out where they are hanging out online and what questions they are asking.

Here are some of the places you can do your ideal client market research.

  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Google Search
  • Reddit Boards
  • and more

If you already have a community you serve, this can be the best way to find out what they are interested in learning from you.

You can create a poll, start a discussion with them on social media or reach out and interview them personally.

If you already have an audience you can draw from, you have an advantage. Use that.

Start Teaching Online

Test Your Online Course Idea

The most popular way to do this is the free offer.

This can be a download, an event like a webinar, or best of all, a mini-course.

Not only will this test your idea, it will help you create an email list of the perfect people that will be interested in purchasing your course.

One of the reasons I stress doing a mini-course over all these others is you are giving your students an opportunity to see exactly what they will be getting when they buy.

A mini-course is a sneak peek at the actual course you are creating. You are also going to get people that are actually interested in taking courses.

Create An Online Course Fast Pin

Are you ready to create your online course?

Take The 5-Day Mini Course Challenge.

I will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a mini course that you can use to…

  • Drive Leads To Your Main Course
  • Build An Email List To Sell To Later
  • Sell As A Low-Cost Product Right Away

Are you ready?

Pre-Sale Your Online Course

Now that you have had a chance to do the market research and test your idea, you probably know exactly what is going to be in your course. Now it is time to take that information and see if you can sell it.

Start by making a sales page. On this sales page you want to let people know what is going to be in your course.

You do not need to have it detailed out at this point. You do not even need to have it built. You just want to put a value proposition and overview so that your student know what they can expect from your course.

Marketing is critical to selling an online course. Coming up with a good marketing strategy is going to be your biggest challenge. Just because you are an expert at what you teach does not mean your an expert at marketing it.

You will need to take what you learned about your target market, where they hang out and create a strategy to get people to your sales page.

How To Start Teaching Online Courses

Analyze Your Results

There are many points in this process that someone may have fallen off and not purchased. Looking at your numbers and the analytic will tell you were your problem spots are.

Reach out to your audience for feedback. If you took the time to create a free offer and sold to that email list, you have the tools you need to get feedback already in place.

Use that and figure out where you need to tweak things to have a successful launch.

If you still need some help getting your online course launched, consider joining my online course creator community.

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