How To Validate Your Online Course Idea

Ever wonder how to validate your course idea? Knowing if your online course is going to sell is super important. You do not want to waste a lot of time creating an online course only to have it fall flat. That is why it is so important to validate your online course before you build it. But, how do you validate your online course?

Keyword Research

The first way to validate your course is with keywords. Doing your keyword research for the title of your course is probably the most important. If you don’t have the keywords that people are searching for, people aren’t going to be able to find your course.

When you’re deciding what to name your course, take time to look up some keywords. You can do this on Google and check the search volume. This will give you an idea what people are searching for.

Don’t forget to also check out Google Trends to see what’s trending. Once you’ve taken the time to look up the proper keyword for your title, that’s going to help you validate who is looking for what and validate your course idea.

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YouTube Videos

The next way I suggest validating your course idea is to go to YouTube. If the topic of your course is popular, people have already made videos about it on YouTube. You can go to YouTube and look up any course topic that you’re interested in.

You want to look at the views, the date, and even read through the comments to see how people are reacting to the video. Watch a couple of videos about your topic to see how others are teaching it.

If you’re having trouble finding your topic on YouTube, you might go back to the keywords and see if you can rephrase it differently so that you get more search results.

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Check Online Course Marketplaces

The third way that you can validate your online course topic is to go to an online course marketplace. Udemy and Skillshare both have a lot of courses you can look through. You can scroll through and see how popular your topic is. Look and see how many students have enrolled. You can look at the reviews for possible questions and problems that are not covered in the courses they offer.

Also, look at the course content to see if there’s something else you either want to add to your course or put into another course later.

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Check Amazon

Another way to validate your course idea is to check on Amazon, specifically Amazon books. If you have a great course idea, more than likely, somebody has written a book on it. When you research your keywords, you will be able to see the books written, the popularity, and read reviews.

Don’t forget to peak inside the book at the table of contents. The table of contents is a clue to the outline of the book. How did they structure the information? What are they covering in the book? This is all great information to help you validate your online course.

Ask Your Audience

The best way to validate your course idea is to ask your audience. Whatever social media platform that you’re most active on, go ahead and throw your idea out there and see what kind of responses you get back. Don’t forget to also send out an email to your email list. These are the people that are most likely going to buy your online course.

If you want more details about what they think about your course, or what they think should go in your course., you can use a service like Survey Monkey to ask more detailed questions. Survey Monkey can be used on social media and on your email list.

The Perfect Lead Magnet

The sixth way to validate your course idea is to test with the perfect lead magnet. The perfect lead magnet is something that is relevant to your online course. A relevant lead magnet is going to vary depending on what you’re teaching.

If you try one lead magnet, and it doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean that the course won’t work. It just means you need to test some other lead magnets. Once you find a lead magnet that people are willing to sign up for, that’s when you know you’ve got the content of your online course right.

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