Landing Page vs Sales Page:

What is the difference?

Landing Page vs Sales Page: What is the difference? If you are confused which one you should be using to sell your course, this is for you. In this post I am going to go over the difference between them.

As an online course creator, you’re probably aware that it’s important to have a landing page in order to capture your audience and convert them into subscribers.

However, there are two types of pages: the sales page and the landing page. You will need to create both of these in order to market and sell your online course.

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What is the difference between a landing page and a sales page?

A landing page typically has one goal – to convert visitors into leads.

It’s usually less about selling, and more about capturing email addresses or phone numbers.

Think of it as an online form you might see on an e-commerce site that pops up when you’re browsing their products.

A sales page is designed to sell, with features such as testimonials, case studies and product descriptions.

You’ll often find them at the end of blog posts or articles that are intended to educate readers before they make a purchase decision.

The key differences are intent and what information is included in each type of webpage design (for example: contact details vs pricing).

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The Landing Page

It’s not enough to just create your online course and hope for the best.

You need a landing page with an intriguing headline that grabs attention, offers value, and gives people a reason to sign up.

This is what you share on your social media accounts..

You are driving leads to this offer from social media and over to your landing page.

There they will sign up for the offer and you have their email.

Once you have them on your email list, they are a warm lead that you can sell too.

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The Sale Page

Next you will need a sale page where you actually have the ‘Buy Button’ for your online course.

When you’re creating an online course, there are a lot of decisions that go into the sales page.

Once you’ve created your first draft, it’s important to look at what other successful courses have done and see if any of their ideas might work for yours.

Make your own sales webpage more engaging by using these five strategies:

  • Ask questions
  • Provide examples
  • Include testimonials
  • Make it interactive
  • Give them social proof

When you first start building your online course, it can be easy to get lost in the details and focus on creating just a landing page.

But if you want to create an effective sales machine that converts visitors into customers, then you’ll need both a landing page and a sales page.

Watch our video above and I will give you some examples of how they differ from one another, and how linking them together will help turn more browsers into buyers.

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