Learning Styles You Should Know

In the world of online learning there are many types of learning styles you should know. The way a person learns best differs from person to person.

Some people need visuals, while others rely on audio. There are visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners as well as those who learn by reading or hearing information.

Knowing the different learning style can help you build a better online course.

The VARK Learning Styles

VARK learning styles is a helpful tool to use when designing online courses. It provides insight into how learners prefer to take in information.

  • V stands for visual
  • A stands for auditory
  • R stands for read/write
  • K stands for kinesthetic – this could be movement or touch.

VARK Learning Styles For Online Course Design PIN

Visual learners want visuals such as images and videos to help them comprehend the material they are trying to learn.

Auditory learners enjoy listening to audio files or reading text-based content aloud.

Reading/writing learners learn best from text and taking notes while listening.

Kinesthetic learners need active engagement with their environment in order to understand what they are learning about.

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These different types of learner preferences can help you create more engaging online courses by catering your course design towards these needs!

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