Make Your Online Course Stand Out With Snail Mail

Have you ever thought about using snail mail to make your online course stand out?

Whether you’re sending a welcome package, course updates or other materials related to your online course, mailing things through the post is a surefire way to stand out from your competition and stay top-of-mind with students.

To learn more about how this strategy might work for you, read on!

What should I send my students?

Figuring out what to send your students will depend on what you are teaching. But here are some great examples to get you thinking.

Let’s say you teach a course on getting started with watercolor. This usually comes with a list of items that your students need to hunt down and purchase from a store. If you really want to be seen as an awesome teacher, sending out the supplies you will be using to each student will set them up for success and be appreciated greatly.

Now your students will not have to go out and hunt down a particular brush or brand of paint you prefer to use in your online course. This also insures they get the results you are teaching.

Make Your Online Course Stand Out With Snail Mail

Let’s say you are teaching a course on how to be more organized in your daily life. In your online course, you teach the value of using a physical planner to accomplish this.

Why not send each student the planner that you recommend and teach them how to use that particular planner in your online course. Don’t forget the stickers and other cool things that go with being a planner geek.

Students get this package before they take your online course, so that they can follow along as you go through how to use the planner. They have a planner in their hands and can put what you are teaching them into practice as they are learning from you. What a fun way to learn about how to use a planner to be more organized in your daily life.

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If your online course contains a lot of worksheets or printable items, why not get those printed up in advance and send them in a package to each student before the course starts.

We all know the cost of printer ink is outrageous. Your student may not even have a printer. This is a great snail mail add-on if you have a lot of worksheets that go with your online course curriculum.

You could even pop a nice personal hand-written note in there to let them know how much you appreciate them. Please do not pack this envelope with glitter. Glitter appears fun, but really super frustrating to clean up.

What if your online course does not require supplies?

Maybe you teach a course for new mommies on the basics of baby care. Sending each new mommy a special gift box with some of the products you love and want to share would be a great way to make them feel special.

These may not be items you are teaching about in your online course directly, but would be appreciated just the same. Don’t forget the bath salts for the new mommy to soak in once the baby is sleeping.

If you are sending a box like this, consider doing an unboxing video of what they will be getting and include it in the welcome section of your online course. You are building the excitement and will have them watching the post for that special delivery.

why you should use snail mail with your online course

If you are teaching an online course that doesn’t require any supplies, you can still make your students feel special with a welcome gift and a “Thank You” card. You can include things like stickers, gift cards, candy and other considerate items.

If you can make them fit in with the theme of your online course, that is even better. You don’t want to send a box of chocolates to someone taking a course on how to cook diabetic friendly meals. Be thoughtful with the items you send.

Why should I try sending snail mail if I have an online course?

It is all about the connection you make with your students. You want to make each student feel special and enjoy the experience.

Taking your online course from average to exceptional with the addition of snail mail will have people talking about their experience with you and your online course.

This will lead to repeat students and referrals to new students. It is all about bringing joy and delight.

If you need some help making your online course stand out, consider joining the Online Course Creator community.

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