Membership Site vs Online Courses

Membership site vs online courses, which should you choose?

In this video I break down the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision.

There are many differences between online courses and membership sites.

  • How You Get Paid
  • Upfront Cost To Customer
  • Time Investment
  • Engagement With Students

Online courses are usually made up of a series of videos, or modules that the student will watch in order to complete the course.

Membership sites on the other hand tend to have more interactive content like live webinars, workshops, an engaged community and training that can be used at your own pace.

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There is a lot of crossovers between the online course business model and the membership business model when it comes to providing training to your clients through elearning.

Whether you should create an online course or membership site is a difficult one.

Both have their pros and cons, so in the end it’s up to you which option best suits your needs.

Online courses and membership sites are different ways to offer your customers knowledge or access.

When you’re trying to decide which is best for you, think about your goals as a business owner; what kind of learner do you want?

What type of customer would benefit from the material that’s being offered?

Deciding on one option over another will help create more revenue opportunities and better serve an audience with varied needs.

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