Online Course Collaboration

Have you ever thought about online course collaboration? In this post I am going to go through some pros and cons of creating an online course with others.

If you are new to online course creation, the process can seem overwhelming. Having another online course creator to go through this process with you can take some workload off your plate. You can share online course creation tips and promote each other. But there are some pros and cons to this.

Collaboration Pros and Cons

The Pros Of Online Course Collaboration

As I mentioned above, having someone to share the workload can take a lot of the work off your plate as a new online course creator.

There is also the added benefit of pooling both of your audiences into one when you start to market your course. If you both have an active audience of around 500 people, you will be reaching 1000 people together.

This could make the sales of this online course higher than it would be if you were going it alone. If you are collaborating with more than one person, that goes up even more.

There is also the benefits of each person’s skills being added in. Let’s say you are good at copywriting, but not video production. If the person you are collaborating with is good with videos, but not copywriting, you can help each other out.

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The Cons Of Online Course Collaboration

Working with others can be difficult at times. The other person you are collaborating with might not have the same attention to detail, dedication to deadlines or work ethic in general.

When you are choosing someone to do a collaboration with, make sure you are a good fit personality wise. Creating something like an online course is a large project. This is the kind of project that can stress you out and hurt your relationship with the other person if they are not the right fit.

Online Course Collaboration

Put everything in writing and get a collaboration contract. Just because they say you can sell or use something does not mean that they might not change their mind at a later date. What happens if you spend a lot of time and money creating your part and the other person changes their mind and backs out.

It happens.

Do not be afraid to get a legal contract that is clear on what the responsibilities are of each party involved. This protects you and the other person you are collaborating with You will thank me for this later.

If you find you need some help along the way, consider joining my Online Course Creator Community.

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