Online Course Creators Share Their Experience

In February of 2021 I reached out to several online course creators to ask them to share their stories with my audience on YouTube.

Since that time, I have had a different guest each month on the last Wednesday of the month.

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The only thing I ask of them is that they tell their story.

The story of what they learned when they created their first course.

These are not big time course creators that have been creating online courses for years.

They only have a few under their belt.

The experience of being a first time course creator is still fresh in their mind.

Here are their stories.

Vicki O’Neill is a fantastic sales and marketing coach. She even has her own podcast called Connect The Dots and a YouTube channel where she teaches you the importance of getting your sales and marketing people to work as one.

If you want to learn to sell and create an online course, you can learn a lot from this video. Vicki has created a fantastic online marketing course that is available right now.

Vicki’s Online Course

Vicki’s YouTube Channel

Erin Booth creates online courses that help virtual assistants get started in the industry. She has created no less than 14 online courses on Udemy and others over on Thinkific. She has a lot of experience and can give you some great advice on how to create an online course that sells. You can find out more about Erin and find her online courses here.

Erin’s Udemy Courses

Erin’s Website

Erin Booth on YouTube

Erin Booth on LinkedIn

Erin Booth on Twitter

Monique Renee started her business as a photographer. She has since grown into a videographer, course creator and even has a membership site to help other pet photographers just starting out. She is a great example of teaching what you know. If you want to learn more about Monique Renee, you can find her here.

Monique’s Courses and Membership

Monique’s YouTube Channel

Heidi Medina created her first online course in October 2019. It was an online course on the basics of LinkedIn. Like many new course creators, she made several mistakes and learned a lot the hard way. In this video she is going to share those lessons and help you not repeat them yourself.

Heidi is a visibility coach and helps service-based entrepreneurs attract their dream clients. I met Heidi on LinkedIn myself. I can tell you what she is doing works. I always see her in my feed. You can find her on both YouTube and LinkedIn if you want to learn more about Heidi and what she teaches.

Heidi’s Website

Heidi on LinkedIn

Heidi on YouTube

Gillian Whitney is a video marketing coach that has experience creating online courses for her clients. There are many things she learned along the way. The importance of having a plan to market your online course and building your online course so that it will last a long time are just a couple of the online course tips she gives in this video.

Gillian’s experience in building an online course can be a great lesson for new online course creators. Her video marketing and coaching experience allows her to give online course creators great tips when it comes to the video aspect of creating online courses. Creating video can be overwhelming for many new online course creators. Her video tips will make creating those videos much easier.

Taking the lessons she has learned and applying them to your own online course will help you create and sell your online course. There is no reason you have to learn those lessons the hard way.

Gillian’s Website

Gillian on LinkedIn

Gillian on YouTube

Janine Coombes helps small service-based businesses package up their services into compelling offers that sell. Janine created her first online course ‘Package Up Your Services’ in December 2020. The lessons she learned from this are still fresh in her mind. She learned a lot from this experience that she wants to share with you.

Her online course ‘Package Up your Services‘ is for service providers who want to stop exchanging time for money. She also created a blog post, ‘How to make sure your service offer will definitely sell: A step-by-step guide‘ takes people through the principles.

Connect with Janine on LinkedIn

John Espirian is the relentlessly helpful copywriter, all-round LinkedIn nerd, eager experimenter and author of Content DNA. B2B clients hire John to write web pages, expert articles and case studies.

He also helps business owners and personal brands to improve their online presence on LinkedIn. His LinkedIn services include 1-to-1 consultations, profile rewrites and private training sessions for corporations and membership organizations.

John created his first online course in 2019 and started with videos just hosted on Vimeo. In this video he explains some drawbacks of doing it this way. He also covers some other tips on making your course evergreen for your students. His current online course is the LinkedIn Leaders Playbook.

John’s Website

John on LinkedIn

John on YouTube

Tracey Tait is going to tell you the truth about being an online course creator and what she learned when she created her first online course. Creating a course is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are a lot of choices you have to make during the process.

Even when you have done your homework, things can go wrong. It takes a lot of patience, persistence and a nice cuppa tea to get you through the process.

Tracey has created an amazing course that teaches business leaders how to communicate with and support their female employees and coworkers that are going through menopause. This can be a challenge not only for the leader, it can be a challenge for everyone working with women going through menopause.

Menopause Training Company Website

Menopause Training Company YouTube

Tracey’s YouTube Channel

Therese Kopiwoda is a website builder for the pet industry. She has been building websites for 20 years. In 2019, Therese launched a course teaching people how to build their own websites. She wanted to launch an online course for a long time, but just kept putting it off.

When she started building it, one of the biggest struggles she had was deciding what to put in her course without it becoming too bloated. When you are creating an online course on a big topic like building a website, there is a lot of information you can put in there. Find out how Therese overcame this and decided what to put in her course and what to leave out.

I took Therese’s course, ‘The Awesome Website Academy‘ myself and thought it was amazing. She is a great teacher and made everything so simple. She will give you great advice on what you need and what you don’t when it comes to building your own website.

Therese Kopiwoda’s Main Website

Glen is a filmmaker and producer. He runs Social Media Video Mastery where he teaches people how to use videos to warm cold contacts. Glen has developed a fun and holistic way to teach video production techniques to anybody who wants to present their best video self.

If you want to check out Glen’s online courses, his free membership group or connect with him on social media, I am dropping the links below.

Main Website

Courses Website

Glen on Social Media 👇

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