In today’s post, I’m going to answer the question, ‘should I sell online courses on Udemy?’ I will tell you my opinion on this over the last three years has changed. And I will also tell you why.

For years, I have been advising my clients not to put their online courses on Udemy. They spent months working hard on a top-notch online course. And the idea of putting it on Udemy, where it could be marked down to $9.99 was horrific to me.

Why Course Creators Choose Udemy

I understand the draw and the appeal of the platform. There is a ready-made audience looking for online courses to take on Udemy. Udemy will even do some marketing for you. There is no cost to get started using the platform as an online course creator. That means there are no software fees up front to put your course online. That sounds amazing looking at it from that perspective.

Why Course Creators Choose Not To Use Udemy

The downsides of using Udemy are huge. The lower cost of the courses and the discounts that Udemy gives out all the time. Most course creators have the same hangup I did. They put in a lot of work and did not want to sell their courses for a minimal amount. You don’t actually get your students email addresses so that you can communicate with them outside of Udemy. The students are Udemy’s clients, not yours. And you can’t really promote any of your other products. If you happen to be selling coaching, a book, or some other digital product, you wouldn’t be able to promote those on Udemy.

Why Become A Udemy Instructor

Why I Recommend Udemy Now

So why did I change my mind? An amazing person and longtime connection, Erin Booth joined my membership community. In the community, she shared her experience of using Udemy to sell her online courses. What she said really opened my eyes.

She talked about how Udemy has access to millions of students worldwide. She said, “I know that Udemy is not a popular choice, especially since they heavily discount courses on their platform and take a cut of your pay. But listing my courses on Udemy has allowed me to build a following of 29,000 engaged students, make money on a consistent monthly basis, all while I figure out my own independent strategy, and I get feedback on my courses, so that I can tweak and improve them for when I launch my course on my own site.”

At the time of writing this post…

  • Erin has 18 courses on Udemy.
  • She has 29,708 total students on there.
  • She has 4664 reviews from students on her courses, and is still adding more.

While she can not advertise her other products on Udemy, Udemy does allow her to have links on her profile page. She has a link to her website, a link to her Twitter, a link to her LinkedIn and a link to her YouTube. Students that are interested in learning more from her or working with her directly can click on those links and go to one of those sites to reach out to her.

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Selling Udemy Courses On YouTube

Speaking of YouTube, I did notice that one of the things she is doing with YouTube is using her channel to market her Udemy courses. That means she is getting a much higher percentage of the revenue than she would get if she was just letting Udemy sell her courses for her.

One of the ways she does this is to put out small parts of lessons from inside her Udemy courses and put them up as a YouTube video. In the description she mentions, this is part of my latest course, and she has a link going directly to that Udemy course.

Now I know that a lot of people will put up a free course on Udemy as a way to market their brand on the platform, but she also put a free course up on YouTube. That allows potential students to get an idea of how she teaches, and see if they are going to like what she’s teaching.

This is a great way to market your online course if it’s on Udemy or any other course platform. It shows people watching her YouTube videos exactly what they will be getting if they purchase her online course. I think this is a brilliant way to market your online courses.

Putting Your Course On More Than One Platform

One of the things that a lot of people don’t realize about Udemy is that it is not exclusive. Unless, your course is part of the Udemy Business content subscription program. But, you can opt out of that. Non-exclusive means you can post the exact same course on more than one online course marketplace. This could be something like Skillshare, Skillwise, or another online course marketplace that sells courses for you.

Spreading your course around gives you even more opportunities to get your name out there and create additional income from the same content. This is really the ultimate in repurposing your content. You may just have to make a few tweaks to make sure that the course that you make for Udemy fits the criteria for a different marketplace.

Should I Sell Online Courses On Udemy Pin

Tips To Be Successful On Udemy

Erin mentioned in my group coaching community, that Udemy is a volume platform. The more online courses you have on the platform, the better you will do. If you only put one or two courses up there and expect to make bank, you’ll be disappointed. You really need to go in with a plan to create several online courses.

Think of it as a mini course library. That’s the first thing that came to mind when I started looking around her courses.

Now these don’t have to be massive online courses. I have seen some of her courses doing really well that are less than two hours long. I always say it’s not about the length of your online course, but about the value and the transformation that you are bringing to your students.

After engaging in this discussion with Erin and several other members of my community. I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong about Udemy. There ARE benefits to creating an online course for the Udemy platform. I hope you found this information helpful and good luck creating your online courses.

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