Should I Use Video or Text In My Online Courses?

Ready for another online course tip? In this video I’m going to answer another viewer question, “should I use video or text in my online courses?”

Video is a great way to show people what you are doing and how it should be done.

Many online course creators are making the mistake of not using video in their courses.

Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience and provide them more information about your course content.

It also helps you stand out from the competition by providing an extra level of engagement for potential students.

Use Text and Video To Make Your Online Course Amazing

If you’re looking for help in building your next online course, there’s no better place to start than with text.

Text is an easy way to make sure that the user has a clear understanding of what they should be doing and why they are doing it.

Text can be better for teaching concepts and explaining ideas in detail. Text can also make learning more interactive by asking questions at the end of each section.

Should I use video or text in my online courses

Which of these two tools do you think would be the most helpful in creating your online course?

Text or video? There are pros and cons to each.

You can use either one to make sure that your course is as engaging for users as possible, but they will both help drive sales if done properly.

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