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TalentLMS learning management system build with corporate training in mind. You can also use it to sell online courses.  TalentLMS is one of the better known online course platforms for corporate training that has been around since 2012. Based out of the United States, TalentLMS is feature rich.

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? My Opinion ?


Who is TalentLMS for?

TalentLMS is for corporate, internal and large scale training.

Who is TalentLMS not for?

The casual course creator and creative type.

? TalentLMS Pricing ?


TalentLMS has many different pricing plans.

There are 2 different types. Standard plans and Active plans.

The standard plans are based off the number of users in the course.

The active plans allow you to have more people listed in the contacts but limit how many are actively using it.

This can be bonus when you have a large company to train.

There is a Free plan to test out the software and see if TalentLMS is right for you.

⭐ TalentLMS Features ⭐

TalentLMS has so many features, it is hard to list them all here. The more advanced features you may be looking for are SCORM, several video conferencing integrations and advance student tracking features. They also have a library of pre-made training videos that you can use in your course.

TalentLMS integrates with Stripe and PayPal to make it easy to accept payments. You can sell individual courses or use a subscription model.

If you want to learn more, I created this TalentLMS video tutorial below.

Talent LMS Online Course Platform

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