The Best Online Course Resources of 2021

Another year has gone by, and it is time to review the best online course resources of 2021. This is a review of my top preforming videos, most popular products, and affiliate products I recommend. On December 20th of 2021, I went back through and looked at the statics on everything and came up with a list just for you. You will find even more resources on my ‘Resource Page‘.

The Best Online Course Resources of 2021

The Best Learning Management System

The number one question I get asked is which learning management system is the best. While I believe there is a different best for each online course creator, there are eight different ones that I lean towards recommending. I recommend them based on the technical skill level of the creator, the type of content they will be producing, and the goal of the online course overall.

That being said, the one I am choosing is based purely on the one most people chose to sign up for after speaking with me or watching my videos. I am not counting affiliate leads, but only sales. That means they tried the free trial and liked it so much they decided to stay with it.

The winner for the best LMS is Podia. Podia has really stepped up their game in the past couple of years. They have added many new features as well as a new pricing structure for the enterprise user. They added so much that the tutorial I did for them this past year had to be split into two separate videos.

If you want to learn more about Podia, check out my ‘Podia Page‘ on this website.

The Best Tools For Creating Online Courses

When it comes to tools to help you create your online course, there are a lot of them out there. Some of them help with productivity. Some help with graphic design. I have 12 different tools that I recommend on my ‘Resource Page’. They cover every aspect of online course creation. The tools you use can make a huge difference in the ease at which you can create and launch your online course.

The most popular one according to the stats from my website and videos may surprise you. It is Jarvis.

Jarvis is a copywriting AI. It can be used to quickly write copy for blogs, emails and other marketing materials. It is artificial intelligence that generates unique copy for you. If you find yourself with writer’s block, putting a few prompts into Jarvis will help you get unblocked quickly.

I created a tutorial about Jarvis that will show you some of the basics that Jarvis can do.

My Top Selling Product

The reason I wanted to put this one in here is because it shows you what online course creators who are following me find most valuable. I sell a lot of different types of products to help course creators. I have checklists for most of the LMS systems I recommend, I do 1-on-1 consulting calls for those course creators that are stuck and need individual help. All of these sell well, but the most popular is my Trello Templates.

If you are unfamiliar with Trello, it is a wonderful productivity app that can help you get organized while creating your course. You can see what you need to work on next and assign due dates to keep you on track. You can add a checklist and even team members to your Trello boards.

For people that struggle with getting themselves and their project organized, I created several Trello Templates and put them all in one package. You can pick the one that best fits the way you work and just plug your course into that Trello board.

One product that I did not include in this section is my Online Course Creator Membership Community. The reason for this is the numbers would be off. The membership community has only been open for 6 months. It is a small community that is still finding its feet. The wonderful members that I have right now are helping me shape the community so that it better serves online course creators. I jump in there every day to see what I can do to help each member and spend a lot of time getting to know each of them personally. I want this community to be a valuable asset to the members.

Top Videos From My YouTube Channel

This was another hard list to come up with. The top videos for 2021 on my Online Course Resource YouTube Channel were a mix of new and old. Because I wanted to focus on the ones that came out in 2021 only, this gave the ones that came out at the end of the year a disadvantage. With YouTube, sometimes it takes a while for a video to really take off. So here are the results based on that limited set of facts only.

It is no surprise to me that the top videos are all about Canva. Canva is a popular software for more than just online course creation. I am a Canva fangirl and use Canva daily in all aspects of my work. You will see it in my videos, in my marketing and all over my website. Canva makes graphics and small video projects easy and fast.

I was surprised that all the videos had to do with tools except the one about creating mini-courses.

Create An Online Course Fast Pin

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Are you ready?

Even though they are not as popular, I still think the marketing ones are extremely valuable. If you can’t market your online course well, it does not matter how wonderful your course is.

A lot of the marketing videos and tutorials on platforms for online courses are over a year old and do not qualify for this list. I guess that is something I will need to focus on in 2022.

I hope you enjoyed this year in review and my personal list of the best online course resources of 2021. See you in the new year.

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