When it comes to choosing software to help you create your online course, there is no one right software for everyone. Everyone’s brain works differently, and every online course is different. While I have done posts before on my top software choices, I realize it is important to have options. So let’s go through the major categories. I will tell you my favorite and suggest some alternatives you may be more comfortable with. If I have an affiliate link, I will drop those in there as well.

There Is No One Right Software For Everyone

Which is the best software for project management?

Project management software should be at the top of your list when it comes to creating your online course. It will help keep you organized and help you meet your deadlines. But, there is no one right project manager for everyone.

The best project management software, in my opinion, is Trello. I use Trello to organize everything from my marketing to my group coaching training. It is easy for me to drag and drop those little cards around and see what I need to work on next. Trello is the first thing I open every day as soon as my computer is up, and I am ready to get to work.

The checklists help me to make sure that I never miss a step. There is nothing worse than launching a product only to notice that you forgot to send the marketing email to your list. The due date and even the start date help keep me from missing my deadlines. I will get a message when I need to start on a project and a reminder when it is almost due. That is super spiffy in my world of distracting dogs.

If you are interested in seeing how I use Trello to create online courses, check out this blog post.

Trello Alternatives

Now Trello is not going to be right for everyone. So here is a great list of alternatives for you to check out. These come recommended from other people I have worked with.

What is the best email marketing tool?

You can not sell your online course without email marketing software. Well, you can, but why do it the hard way. The best email marketing software is going to be the one that is easy to use, has great customer support, and includes things like landing pages and opt-in forms.

In my opinion, MailerLite is the best there is. MailerLite has all those features and more. As a bonus, there is a free version of MailerLite that is amazing. If you are just starting to build your email list, the free version is perfect for you. As you grow, you will move up to higher priced tiers.

One thing I really love is automation. Being able to send out an automated email sequence is a real time saver. You can write all your sales and marketing emails in advance and schedule them to go out on particular days. You can even use this little trick to sell an email course. I did this with my ‘Build a Mini Course in 5 Days‘ challenge. This allows people to sign up for the challenge at any time and still go through the training.

MailerLite Alternatives

When it comes to email marketing software, the top contenders are already known. These are the ones I have tried and love or friends have highly recommended.

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How do you create a social media graphic?

If you are selling an online course, you are going to need graphics for your course, for your marketing and for your sales page. Graphics are essential in the online world. Luckily for us, there are many companies that have come up with ways to make graphics easily.

My top favorite software for making marketing graphics is called Canva. I use Canva daily for my social media, my videos, my website, and anywhere else that I need a graphic. Canva makes creating graphics super easy. They have a ton of templates and have the sizes for all the social media platforms already programmed in.

They have so much more than that, including templates for your slides, your online course worksheets and even video creation. If you are looking for design software that takes the guesswork out of designing your marketing graphics, Canva is my top choice. If you are interested in learning how to use Canva for this, check out this blog post.

Canva Alternatives

I am wincing right now. I have a really hard time recommending anything else but Canva. There are alternatives out there, I just find they are not the best fit for me. Here is my very short list of alternatives to Canva.

What is a good software for writing?

Just because you are super smart and know your topic does not make you a good writer. When it comes to creating an online course, there are many types of writing you will need to do. You will need to write sales copy for your sales page. You will need to write marketing copy for your social media and email marketing. You may even want to include a text version of your online course. You can’t get away from writing, but I have some tools that will help you.

Which is the best AI writing tool?

When it comes to writing your sales and marketing copy, an AI tool is a wonderful idea. They can cut down on your time and help you come up with just the right things to say to sell your online course. My favorite AI writing tool is Jasper. Jasper has helped me out of many situations when I was brain locked and not sure what to write.

No AI copywriting software is perfect. You will still need to go through and correct certain things. But using their templates for your sales and marketing copy will give you a great base to start from. They have templates for most social media, product descriptions and the primary marketing style like AIDA and the Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework.

Which grammar software is best?

If you struggle with grammar and spelling, like I do, grammar software can be invaluable. There are several out there, and I have tried a few. My personal favorite and the one I use is Linquix. Linguix is great for working not only on documents, but on social media as well. As I am typing away answering questions and responding to people, Linquix is right there telling me I fudged up. It is doing it now as I type this.

A more commonly known software that is similar is called Grammarly. I did try Grammarly, but there were things that were missing or just did not work for me. It has been so long that I can’t tell you what those were.

Another piece of software that people rave about is Quillbot. I have not had the opportunity to try this one myself, but I know a couple of people that have. This software does so much more than check grammar. It will help you paraphrase and check for plagiarism.

What is the best software for transcribing?

When it comes to writing a lot in a hurry, using a transcription software is going to save you so much time. You talk, and the words type themselves. If you are writing a script for your video or creating a relatable email, transcription software is amazing. My top choice is Otter.

Otter is amazing because it has the ability to do so many things besides writing down what you say. You can use it to make closed captions for your videos. You can use it in Zoom for this as well to transcribe as you are teaching. I use Otter for my video closed captions, taking notes on my phone on the go, and I turn my audio and video files into text I can reuse as a blog or as part of my marketing.

When it comes to any transcription software or service, a lot can depend on your accent. I tested many out before I found Otter. Otter was the most accurate for the way I spoke and my accent. Even companies that employ people to transcribe your audio to text have far more errors than Otter does with my voice.

Online Course Creation Tools Video

Other Online Course Creation Tools

There are many other types of online course tools you may want to help you in the course creation process. I have a free download with 7 pages full of suggestions depending on your needs. You can grab that here. These can range from mind mapping software to plan your content to online storage to back up your files.

I hope you found this helpful. If you are building an online course and feel that you could use a little extra help, check out my group coaching community. I am always there helping my members with whatever issues come up so that they can get their online course launched.

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