What You Need To Know Before Creating An Online Course

When it comes to creating an online course, many people take the leap before knowing what they are jumping into. This can lead to overwhelm, stress and unfinished courses. In this post I want to share what you need to know before creating an online course, so you don’t get caught unaware.

It Will Take Longer Than You Think To Create An Online Course

Unless you are doing a live training event on a topic you know well with no fancy assets, creating an online course will take longer than you think. There are many steps that will take time no matter what, like marketing. There are other things that are time-consuming that you can hire someone to do for you, like video editing, copywriting and graphic design.

It is also important to build a buffer when creating your timetable for your online course launch. Things do come up. These can be tech issues or personal issues. There has not been an online course that I worked on that did not come up with something that caused a delay. Make sure to factor in time for this.

Marketing Your Course Is The Most Important Part Of Creating An Online Course

If you can not get the message out that you have an amazing new course, no one is going to buy it. In fact, you will want to start marketing your online course in advance of its release. The smaller your audience, the more time you will need to get your marketing seen.

There are many ways to market your online course. Having a strategy set up in advance will help you plan your launch date. Don’t forget to figure the marketing schedule and the time it takes to create the marketing in your timetable when you are planning your online course. Marketing is not something that should be just thrown together at the last minute. It is the most important part of creating your online course.

Sadly, most people skip this or put it in at the last moment after thought. It is really a shame. They worked so hard on their course, and it is not selling. If your course is not selling, it is probably you’re marketing.

Marketing is also something you can hire someone to do for you. If marketing is not your thing, there are many people out there that specialize in marketing strategy and marketing tactics. You should look into investing in that if you don’t want to do the marketing yourself.

It Will Take Longer Than You Think To Create An Online Course

You Do Not Need To Be A Tech Guru To Create An Online Course

There are a lot of learning management systems on the market. I know, I have done tutorials on a few, and worked on other ones that I have not even created videos about. They often add more and more features to try to be the best LMS out there. But, do you really need all that? Well, it depends on the experience you want your students to have. Some of the best courses are simple to follow and simple to create. If you are running into technical issues when creating your online course, stop and ask yourself if you really need that in your online course. If the answer is yes, you can always hire someone to help you with that part of your course creation journey.

There are also many learning management systems that are designed for people that struggle with technology. A good example of that is CourseCraft. I have done a tutorial on their software and do recommend it to many people that I feel would work well with the features they offer.

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Selling An Online Course IS A Numbers Game

Any ligit business or sales person on the internet will tell you that selling anything is a numbers game. It is about getting in front of enough people. According to most experts, the conversion rate for an online course is between one and three percent. That means at that one percent, if 1000 people see your online course, only 10 of those people will buy it.

You can increase your chances by building those relationships in advance. Get them on your email list and share other valuable content leading up to the launch of your online course. You can also post about it more than usual on social media to start building that buzz and get people excited. You can start a waitlist for people who are interested now, but may forget about it by the time your online course is ready to launch. The more eyeballs, minds and hearts that you reach with your message, the better your odds of getting them to buy your online course. Also, your audience is not going to see everything you post or open every email you send. You will need to repeat yourself to make sure you reach more people.

What You Need To Know Before Creating An Online Course

You Do Not Need To Be An Expert To Create An Online Course

This can sound a little confusing, but you do not need to be an expert to create and sell an online course. You can easily create an online course on a topic you know something about but not everything about. There is always going to be someone that is just starting out that knows a lot less than you. If this is the kind of course you want to create, go for it. Just be sure to target your sales copy in a way that let’s people know this is a course for beginners only.

If you do want to teach a more advanced course, you have 2 choices. Do the research or ask an expert. Just because you are teaching a course does not mean that you know it all. Regardless of what many college professors think, they do not know it all either. That is why they teach from books. They have guest speakers come and talk about the topic. They give assets live handouts and link to expert blogs. The only danger in taking this path is you need to know enough to answer questions or be willing to find those answers for your students.

Once you understand these five facts, it will make your online course creation experience much more enjoyable and go much more smoothly. If you are looking for a little extra help, consider joining my private community for online course creators. I jump in their daily to answer questions and help course creators like you get their online courses launched.

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