Today we’re going to be talking about mindset and why mindset is important when creating an online course. Let’s get started with defining what mindset is. You can check out the podcast video or keep on scrolling to read the blog.

What Is Mindset?

Mindset is a mental attitude or set of beliefs that influence how you feel, how you think, how you act, and how you interact within the world. It can influence the way you make choices. A positive mindset or a negative mindset can make a huge difference in your success at any task you take on.

What Is A Fixed Mindset?

A fixed mindset is someone that is not open to change. They keep doing the same things over and over, wondering why things are not moving forward for them. They are comfortable with how they have been doing things, but not always comfortable with where they are at. People with fixed mindsets generally don’t have the drive and motivation to move out of that comfort zone.

What Is A Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is someone that is actively looking for change. They are learning, exploring and trying new things because they want to grow. They see change as a positive thing and embrace that change. A growth mindset is the polar opposite of a fixed mindset.

If you’re wanting to create an online course, that is a growth mindset. But you should know there are also a lot of gray areas in between a fixed and a growth mindset. That is why I decided to start exploring this topic of mindset regularly.

I think mindset is something that’s just as important to an online course creator as your marketing strategy, and the software you choose to work with. Let’s touch on a few of these gray areas between fixed and growth mindsets.

Why Mindset Is Important When Creating An Online Course

Stuck In A Learning Mindset

You may have the desire to grow and be actively learning, but you haven’t taken any action yet. You could be stuck in a learning mindset. If you keep listening to podcasts, reading books, reading blogs, and taking online courses yourself, but you have not taken the leap to creating your own online course, you could be stuck in a learning mindset.

How can you tell if you are stuck in a learning mindset? You do not feel confident enough to put your desires into action. You have not set a deadline, made a plan, or acted on anything you have been learning. You are not committed to taking the action needed to move yourself to the next level. This is a pretty good indication that you are stuck in a learning mindset.

A lot of online course creators get stuck in this mode. You feel like you are taking action because you’re a dedicated learner. But taking other people’s courses is not going to get yours built. Getting stuck in learning is usually due to fear.

Recognizing Fear

Fear is a sneaky mindset that you might not even realize that you are in. Fear can manifest itself in different ways, like procrastination, perfectionism, and self sabotage. A fear mindset can easily disguise itself as something else.

If you have ever made the excuse of being too busy to work on your online course, this could be fear. If creating an online course is something you really want to do, you will make the time to create it.

If you find yourself stuck in busy work to the point where you feel like you are not getting anywhere, this is a form of procrastination and fear as well. There are ways to make online courses easier and get around that time-consuming busy work that you got yourself caught up in.

Perfectionism is another form of procrastination and fear. Yes, you want to put out a great product, but perfectionism is just fear that your product is not going to be good enough. So you continue to tweak your product as you try to make it perfect. As you’re tweaking your online course over and over, you may not even realize that you’re procrastinating due to fear. I told you fear is a sneaky one.

Fear can also cause you to lower your price or under price your course from the start. Fear can cause you to take down your courses well. Let’s say you have launched your online course, but no one is buying it. This can trigger fear. Fear that the course might not be good enough. This can lead course creators to take down their courses. I have seen this happen. This can lead to depression, and people giving up completely on creating an online course.

There could be a lot of reasons why someone is not buying your online course. Most of the time the devil is in the marketing or in the validation process. Most online course creators don’t put enough time into these two steps of the online course creation process.

Stuck In Overwhelm

One of the biggest mindset traps is overwhelm. This is where you want to get an online course built, but you get bogged down with all the moving parts and just get stuck. You can’t see how to get things in order, and your brain experiences fear or panic. You just get locked up.

This can be too much for some online course creators, and they just walk away. Others will reach out for help. Getting out of overwhelm is critical if you are going to be able to move forward. Pinpoint exactly what has you overwhelmed so that you can find solutions that will move you forward. For each and every one of these mindset traps, there is a solution.

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The Duality Of Mindsets

Now, it’s not all bad when you’re talking about mindset. Many people talk about having an abundance mindset. This is something that is usually used around the topic of money or material goods. The abundance mindset is the opposite of scarcity mindset. Both of these things can affect how you feel about your online course after you launch.

If you sold your course to five people, during your very first course launch, you could feel thrilled or depressed depending on your mindset. When you’re pricing your online course, an abundance mindset, and a scarcity mindset can affect how you set your prices.

Both of these mindsets are also used in selling an online course. On the sales page, you might promise an abundance of value in your online course, but for a limited time. That last part is the scarcity. This is a common sales strategy that takes advantage of triggering these mindsets in others. If you have ever purchase something, you probably recognize this strategy.

Another set of mindsets you will frequently see are positive versus negative mindsets. A positive mindset will help you overcome the challenges you run into along the way. A negative mindset might have you giving up when the going gets tough. There are always challenges and things that come up when you’re creating an online course. There’s no getting around those.

Dealing With A Harmful Mindset

It is the mindset that you adopt that helps you keep moving forward and get your online course launched. Take the time to examine your mindset, and assess if it is helpful or harmful to your project. If you find that you struggle with one of these negative mindsets, this is something you will want to address as soon as possible.

Making an online course should not be something that makes you rip your hair out. If you feel like that, you’re doing it wrong. Now that you know what a mindset is, and the different ways it can affect your online course journey, you should be able to maneuver around it. If you feel that you need some extra help, feel free to reach out to me. I offer one on one consulting, and would be happy to help you out of a harmful mindset.

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