Pre-Selling your online course is something I recommend to all my clients. In this post, we’re going to talk about the benefits of pre-selling your online course. If you have a great course idea, make sure you read this post before you start building it.

Why Should I Pre-Sell My Online Course?

Now, why do I recommend that online course creators pre-sell their online courses? There are many reasons for pre-selling your online course. The number one reason is this is by far the best way to validate your online course idea. Even if you have done the in depth research and have gotten feedback from your audience, that does not mean they’re going to purchase your online course. There is a huge gap between people showing interest and actual sales. By pre-selling your online course, you are verifying that people actually want to purchase your online course.

Pre-Selling Your Online Course

I have seen so many course creators spend weeks, or even months working on an amazing online course, only not to be able to sell it when they are through making it. Maybe they didn’t validate the idea the correct way, and the desire is not out there. Perhaps it’s just that the marketing or sales copy that’s not getting them through to their potential students. There are many reasons why an online course might not sell. But wouldn’t it have been better to know this in advance of spending all that time, money and effort toward building your online course? I think so.

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Funding Your Online Course Creation

Another benefit of pre-selling your online course, is funding your project. Just like all those crowdfunding websites where people ask for funding before building a product, you can pre-sell your course to fund the cost. Online course platforms and other online course software are not cheap. If you purchase a software, and it takes you two months to create the online course, and then it doesn’t sell, you’re out all that money.

By pre-selling your online course, that will give you seed money to help pay for the software, the marketing, or even hire a virtual assistant or other specialists to help you. You may want to hire a video editor. Maybe you want to hire someone to create an ad campaign. These can all be expensive and a huge loss if you invest without knowing that your online course will sell.

Pre-Sell Your Course First

Pre-Selling Your Online Course Can Motivate You

Pre-selling your online courses is also a great way to keep you motivated. Once you have students who have purchased your online course and are ready to go, you are more likely to make your online course a priority. So many course creators let themselves get distracted by other things and never launched that online course. If you really want to build an online course, you need to make that a priority. Pre-selling can help you do that.

An online course is a marathon, not a sprint. I always tell the members of my group coaching community that by the time you have finished building your online course, you are going to hate it. It is a lot more work than you think. And it is hard to be enthusiastic about marketing something that you are sick of. Having the validation of students that have already paid for your online course can help you stay motivated to keep on building.

Get Feedback To Make Your Course Better

Instant feedback is another benefit of pre-selling your online course. Once students have paid, you can reach out to them and ask them why they purchase and what they’re hoping to learn in your online course. This will help you build a course that is perfect for your students. By knowing where they are and where they want to go, you can design your course in a way that will best help them reach those goals.

Your first students are beta testers, and they will help you refine and improve your online course as you go. There are many great ways to achieve this. You can launch it as a drip course and create one lesson at a time. This gives you more time to get that feedback from your students and apply it to the remainder of the online course lessons. You could hold a live workshop or a virtual bootcamp. Doing this will give you great feedback if you take the time to take questions during or after your live event. Once the event is finished, you can chop up that video, make any improvements and put it into a learning management system for others to purchase as an evergreen course. You will also be able to get testimonials for your sales page.

What If My Course Isn’t Selling?

If you find that you’re trying to pre-sell your online course and no one is buying, don’t get discouraged. Think of it as time saved and dig into why it didn’t sell. Reach out to the people that you thought were going to buy and ask them why they didn’t purchase. Maybe you need to restructure your offer or just do a better job in marketing your online course.

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